Funding for International actions

Under the #ProCannabisTeam consortium (supported by organizations from around the globe), FAAAT have been lobbying the INCB and UNODC, as well as attending the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) for years.

The advocacy work developed by FAAAT officers along the years ensures a tougher impact of civil society’s voice in the relevant international institutions, by joining activist and grassroot skills with the highest level of expertise on the Cannabis issue, and by working closely with the world’s most experienced analysts, researchers, former diplomats or policymakers.

The Vienna-based CND has slowly become a major gathering point. Nowadays, both stakeholders actually pushing for changes in national drug policies, and representatives of the politically extreme prohibitionist approach still in force, come to defend their views, waiting for the stiff UN system to arbitrate.

Merging all skills, evidences and knowledge surrounding Cannabis in an unified and well coordinated voice for change, and stir it up globally. Here’s our job.

Farid Ghehiouèche

Head of advocacy, FAAAT

After a failed world drug summit in New York this April (UNGASS 2016) where no constructive consensus was found — and status-quo renewed — the world drug policy reform movement is already down to work to prepare the upcoming unique chance to shape future international drug policy guidelines grounded on human rights and health, respectful of traditional uses and personal freedom, and based on accurate and non-biased scientific evidences. This rendez-vous will take place in 2019 and, unlike the UNGASS, the Commission is expected to produce a consequent High Level political declaration on drugs.

Opportunity to continue untightening the still devastating prohibition dogma must not be lost. And the work start now.

Having a #ProCannabisTeam representation during the regular sessions of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (every year in March at the Vienna UN offices) and at the WHO relevant meetings (in Geneva’s UN HQ) is more than necessary, not only for a purpose of networking with delegations and all sectors (law enforcement, justice system, health and medico-social, education, Human rights organisations) to gather the maximum information and data and be able to spread it to the european drug policy reform organizations that may need it, but also to push for bottom-up lobbying actions (by spreading to the relevant stakeholders the existing data, by writing, formulating and editing all different ideas, items, translations, by promoting all recent scientific researches, by media covering presence, etc.) as well as a top-down transmission by following and relaying discussions, debate, initiatives, political statements and declarations, by informing about inputs and achievements from foreign countries and at the trans-national legislative level.

UN Inter-Parliamentary Seminar on “reforming Cannabis policies”

Keeping an eye on the policy approach trends after the UNGASS.

Advocating for a change in public policies in Geneva UN HQ.

Focus on the international scheduling process at WHO