Youth NGOs make their views heard on Global Drug Policy

Ahead of a Global Drug Summit in March 2019, a coalition of youth organizations address the governments of the planet: « Make drug policies with us, not on our name and against us! »

INCB: a decade of evolutions and progress

International Cannabis Policy Conference | Vienna 2018

FAAAT launches the International Cannabis Policy Conference | Vienna, Austria | December 7-9, 2018 | #CannabiSDG |

Cannabis: WHO just acknowledged historical misjudgment and heads towards global policy update

After thoroughly assessing Cannabis, THC and CBD in June, the WHO has just recognized its historical misjudgment that led to the placement of Cannabis medicines among heroin or fentanyl derivates, and will consider an international change of scheduling to adequate policies with evidence. #ECDD40

DUPLICATA POST — 40ème Comité Drogues de l’OMS: moment pivot pour les politiques du Cannabis au plan mondial.

Cette année à Genève pour la première fois, le Comité sur les Drogues de l’OMS a auditionné patients, médecins et chercheurs, pour entreprendre une étude balancée des bénéfices et risques du Cannabis.

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