Canada: Final recommendations of the Task Force on Cannabis Regulation

The final report of the Canadian Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation, issued on November 30th 2016, is the product of broad consultations within the Canadian society.

One proposed reading of the UNGASS 2016 outcome document: reassessing substances.

FAAAT submitted a contribution to the post-UNGASS 2016 thematic debates organized by the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs, on October 2016. This contribution has been posted online on the website of the UNODC and can be downloaded here.

Note de synthèse. Réguler le taux de THC ? Le piège à éviter.

Cette note éclaire un point récurrent du débat à propos des effets psychotropes du Cannabis : Quid de l’impact et des conséquences d’une limitation du taux de THC (delta-9-TétraHydroCannabinol) en cas de régulation de la filière Cannabis ?

Actions à la 69ème Assemblée Mondiale de la Santé

Résumé des actions du do-tank FAAAT à la 69ème Assemblée Mondiale de la Santé à Genève, du 23 au 28 mai 2016.

Conference « Introduction to Cannabis Social Clubs » at the UN

Cannabis Social Club: a social, ethic, human-scale and health-based model addressing the misuse, abuse and potential damages due to cannabis use while countering the unregulated growth of cannabis supply.

UNGASS 2016 : Civil Society joint declaration.

Over 200 civil society groups from all over the world have today released a statement condemning governments for failing to acknowledge the devastating consequences of punitive and repressive drug policies as they prepare for a UN summit on the issue next month.

Thematic Paper #1 • Booster shots of an international political History of drugs.

This first document of the series of Thematic Papers provides initial paths for comprehension of the political history of the international drug control system, which only managed to cause the opposite effects to its purposes.

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