Breaking news: WHO changes position on medical Cannabis after 60 years.

PRESS RELEASE | 31st Jan. 2019 | Outcome of #ECDD41 on Cannabis. World Health Organization acknowledges medical use of Cannabis after 60 years of denial.

Press statement – WHO Cannabis Review non-outcome

International Cannabis Policy Conference | Vienna 2018

FAAAT launches the International Cannabis Policy Conference | Vienna, Austria | December 7-9, 2018 | #CannabiSDG |

Cannabis: WHO just acknowledged historical misjudgment and heads towards global policy update

After thoroughly assessing Cannabis, THC and CBD in June, the WHO has just recognized its historical misjudgment that led to the placement of Cannabis medicines among heroin or fentanyl derivates, and will consider an international change of scheduling to adequate policies with evidence. #ECDD40

DUPLICATA POST — 40º Comité de Drogodependencia de la OMS: momento crucial para las políticas globales del Cannabis.

Por primera vez en la historia, el Comité sobre drogas de la OMS ha escuchado las voces de los médicos, pacientes e investigadores, y comenzó un proceso neutral de evaluación de los daños y beneficios del Cannabis.