Human Rights violations in the name of Drug Control: contribution to UN Human Rights

57 years of Global and Systematic Human Rights violations in the name of #DrugControl: Right to a Remedy and Reparation for Victims of Gross Violations of International Human Rights Law.

[VIDEO] Hepatitis C among people who use drugs, Governments & the UN.

FAAAT co-hosted, last March at the United Nations, a consensus conference where governments and representative of drug users discussed the global state of Hepatitis C and recommendations raised from the practice. Video and track record.

Crimson paper #3. The review(s).

Pre & Critical reviews: insights into the processes of the WHO scientific abuse liability assessment for drugs.

Cannabis review by the WHO: all you need to know

In 2018 for the first time, the World Health Organization is assessing the medical uses and harms of Cannabis, and will recommend the suitable classification to be applied internationally. We promote an objective and independent assessment, that recognizes and acknowledges modern research on Cannabis. Support us!

Major shift in global drug policies: the Human Rights Council catches up with the Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Last month, the main UN body on drugs self-disqualified, leaving room for UN Human Rights organs to increase influence over global drug policies.

Will modern drug policies come from Norway?

The Norwegian Association for Safer Drug Policies, FAAAT and 20 policymakers and stakeholders from 10 countries recalled that Norway should be a model for the rest of the world’s drug policy reforms.

[VIDEO] Jerarquía de normas: Derechos humanos vs. fiscalización de drogas. #LegalRegulations

#LegalRegulations • ¿Los Convenios de drogas de verdad prohiben regular? Lo hemos reguntado a 3 expertos clave: ¿Es posible una legalización?

After UNGASS: the Way Forward for UN Drug Strategies

Statement delivered to the 6th Intersessional meeting of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs, about the “way forward and preparations for the 62nd session of the CND in 2019” on November 16th, 2017.

A crowdfunding to support our action at WHO

Crimson paper #2. The committee.

The crimson papers are a series of short documents aimed at sharing knowledge regarding the process of scheduling plants, medicines and substances within the international drug control treaty framework.

Crimson paper #1. Las listas.

Los crimson papers son una serie de documentos cortos, en ingles, que comparten conocimiento sobre el proceso de clasificación de plantas, fármacos y sustancias bajo el marco internacional de fiscalización de drogas.

Parlamento Europeo: diseñando un futuro para políticas de drogas en el ámbito urbano

En el Parlamento Europeo, representantes de gobiernos municipales y nacionales, responsables políticos, fuerzas de seguridad, actores de la sociedad civil, personas usuarias de drogas, médicos y proveedores de tratamientos, así como actores de la reducción de daños, y académicos se concentraron en la problemática del uso de sustancias en el ámbito urbano, intercambiando experiencias sobre políticas basadas ciencia, que permitan mitigar los perjuicios y daños vinculados al uso de drogas.

Marruecos y cannabis: una sociedad civil organizándose para la post-prohibition.

El pasado 30/04 en Chauen (Marruecos) se organizó un seminario internacional sobre las perspectivas para el desarrollo y el crecimiento de las áreas de cultivo de cannabis en el Rif marroquí. El encuentro reunió a la sociedad civil local con expertos, académicos y asociaciones del estado así como de Francia, España y Alemania.

Tidbits from the United Nations lobbies, 60th Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Four simple questions about present and future drug policies were asked to stakeholders attending the 60th UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs. Their answers in videos.

Legal Regulations – series of events on a positive, constructive and consensual future for drug policies

Legal Regulations – series of events on a positive, constructive and consensual future for drug policies

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