Lex lata cannabis legalization: statement at the 2022 United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs

[Video] Plenary statement at the 65th UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs, about a cannabis legalization compliant with the drug conventions

Demain, les Cannabis Social Clubs

Contribution au travail de la Mission d’Information de l’Assemblée Nationale sur le « cannabis récréatif » : le modèle des Cannabis Social Club

Demain, les Cannabis Social Clubs

Contribution to the work of the French Parliament on « recreational cannabis » : the Cannabis Social Club model [French]

Awarding the legal Cannabis industry for its sustainability

Meet entrepreneurs, visionaries, products & ideas that change the way we think about Cannabis, the way we use it, and that change policy. #cannabiSDG

Youth NGOs make their views heard on Global Drug Policy

Ahead of a Global Drug Summit in March 2019, a coalition of youth organizations address the governments of the planet: « Make drug policies with us, not on our name and against us! »