History, science, and politics of international cannabis scheduling, 2015–2021

Just published: Oct. 2021 report on the 2015-2021 cannabis scheduling process at the WHO and United Nations (open access PDF)

Demain, les Cannabis Social Clubs

Contribution au travail de la Mission d’Information de l’Assemblée Nationale sur le « cannabis récréatif » : le modèle des Cannabis Social Club

Demain, les Cannabis Social Clubs

Contribution to the work of the French Parliament on « recreational cannabis » : the Cannabis Social Club model [French]

Press statement – WHO Cannabis Review non-outcome

United Nations just proclaimed Universal Rights of Peasants

The UN just adopted the Declaration on the Rights of Peasants, binding Countries to respect & protect rural needs, singularities, traditions, and knowledge.

Cannabis: WHO just acknowledged historical misjudgment and heads towards global policy update

After thoroughly assessing Cannabis, THC and CBD in June, the WHO has just recognized its historical misjudgment that led to the placement of Cannabis medicines among heroin or fentanyl derivates, and will consider an international change of scheduling to adequate policies with evidence. #ECDD40