Press release — INCB Cannabis Initiative: NGOs from 56 countries call for transparency & accountability

2 Dec. 2021 – 181 NGOs from 56 Countries call upon INCB drugs agency to create transparency and accountability in ‘Cannabis Initiative’ Guidelines effort

Press Freedom under attack – Czech cannabis magazine condemned

History, science, and politics of international cannabis scheduling, 2015–2021

Just published: Oct. 2021 report on the 2015-2021 cannabis scheduling process at the WHO and United Nations (open access PDF)

Demain, les Cannabis Social Clubs

Contribution au travail de la Mission d’Information de l’Assemblée Nationale sur le « cannabis récréatif » : le modèle des Cannabis Social Club

Demain, les Cannabis Social Clubs

Contribution to the work of the French Parliament on « recreational cannabis » : the Cannabis Social Club model [French]

Press release — History made today: UN recognizes medical cannabis

After 60 years of status quo, 3 years of scientific review by WHO and 2 years of diplomatic discussions, today, the United Nations finally withdrew cannabis from 1961 Convention Schedule IV –the « prohibition schedule »